Laurent  Soulat

When I looked at experts to help us improve our conversion rate and generate more leads, Josh came highly recommended from different people. I quickly understood why. Josh lives and breathes conversion rate optimisation. He has worked on improving our conversion and traffic across all of our inbound marketing channels.


He implements a tested and successful process that gets results. Plus he knows so many actors in this industry that he just enables you to go 200kph when you were just cruising at 50kph.


The added benefit about Josh is that he is marketing smart (and I don’t mean the podcast here). He got our brand voice and positioning right away. For example, when he suggests creative for our social media ads, it saves us a lot time.

Overall, he genuinely likes to help us even if means working beyond his Statement Of Work (SOW). It makes him a real pleasure to work with.


Luiz Centenaro

I’ve worked with hundreds of CRO professionals and Joshua Bretag is hands down one of the best conversion rate optimizers in the industry.


Having graduated from Peep Laja’s CXL course I knew he would be good but good is an understatement.

Joshua’s CRO work has increased our clients’ conversions, average session duration and they love the new designs (which sometimes is more important to them than conversions).


If you are looking for an extremely talented, data driven, and expert conversion rate optimizer, I highly recommend Joshua Bretag.


Oscar Hillerstrom

E-commerce is fraught with people who promise a lot and deliver a little. Josh and his team are efficient and effective. I use them every time I can because it lowers my spend and increases any web/marketing ROI by several factors.


Juilan Juenemann

I had the pleasure of having Joshua take part in my Google Tag Manager training. He always impressed with valuable feedback and suggestions on how to make Implementations more efficient and improve the training.


He clearly already surpassed the level of an advanced Google Tag Manager practitioner, so I’m confident he will be able to help any future clients with his skills. I’m delighted to recommend Joshua to anyone who is looking for advanced Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics implementations.


Alban Guillemot

Working with Josh on lead generation has been a fun and highly rewarding experience. His expertise in conversion optimisation combined with a solid data-driven approach helped triple conversion rate resulting in more leads and lower CPA from paid search. Highly recommend if you are serious about increasing leads.


Varant Bomoushakian

Joshua is an amazing asset to any business. Hardworking, thinks outside the box and always has innovative solutions. His knowledge on anything digital (website, digital marketing, apps) is outstanding, and he is able to use his business acumen to make sure that any solution is within budget and extremely effective!


Lisa Askwith

I have had the pleasure of working with Josh (joint client) and hiring him for a project (website development). Josh is very knowledgeable and has the experience to offer some very clever tailored solutions that other companies just miss.


He is very easy to work with and meets all of his deadlines and promises, and I have found him to be more than willing to offer help and expertise across all areas of IT with some fantastic results. I would definitely recommend him for an IT based project, or website that you are looking to achieve fantastic results with


Evan Spargo

Over the years we’ve seen lots of web designers, consultants and SEO people come and go. Most promise the world but sadly deliver very little.


Joshua Bretag is different. We first met him at a marketing seminar and we were impressed by his enthusiasm and dedication. What separates him from the others is his ability to instantly comprehend what you want (there’s no need to explain yourself 100 times) and then deliver in a short timeframe. We’re not kidding, it’s not unusual for him to return a project completed in a few hours when others take more than a month.


Josh is an expert at systems. He makes us look bad with his incredible organisational skills and an uncanny ability to manage multiple tasks. He has since become a lynchpin in our business and is our “go to” guy when we need website stuff completely quickly and professionally.


Melonie Dodaro

I was in immediate need of an Office Auto Pilot expert for a launch I was doing and was so fortunate to have been given a recommendation to Joshua. He worked all through the night to help me ensure my launch went off without any problems. Since then he has continued to work to ensure a seamless integration of my old systems to this new one. I would highly recommend him.


Armando Paradiso

Engaging Josh to undertake my project, has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made. His knowledge and passion really shines once he gets to work!! From the word go Josh and his team hit the ground running, my project was completed on time and on cost. The feedback from his work has only been positive. Most importantly I am absolutely wrapped with the service and work provided. Josh and his team is going to get more work from me and my referrals.


Neil Cole

Hi Josh, I just want to drop you a line to say thank you. Without your intervention in helping me to set up my own systems, I think I may have lost my business. Your knowledge of those systems was extensive and your patience was amazing. You always listened first then gave suggestions. You were accepting of the little changes we made after the initial setup.


You were always encouraging me along the way, which was so helpful in keeping up my optimism that I could achieve my goal. I am very proud of the new set up and work is flooding in due to the real estate agents are amazed at the efficiency of that system. I would not hesitate in letting everyone know how brilliant your services are.


Steen Daar

Joshua and the Blueprint team are conversion czars. I run a conversion focused agency myself and these are the guys my team often taps for help when we run into an issue we can’t figure out in house.


Kevin Jordan

Communication throughout was excellent, and when an unexpected problem not of their making came up at the end, they literally identified the problem and had it fixed within minutes.


Toby Street

We’re shifting all our work to Josh. The guy is a wizard on huge, complex back end solutions! Awesome to work with such a pro.


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